domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

You will never realize

Puede que nunca te des cuenta.
Puede que nunca lo hagas.
And that´s alright.

jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Ego time (recap)

Aunque hace años que dejé apartado el hobbie de escribir un diario, hay veces que escribo como si aun lo hiciera. Esta es una de esas veces.

Things I found myself doing here. For the first time.

Eating cheese. Not because it´s the only edible thing in the fridge, but because I actually quite like it.

Walking to work. 20 minutes of beatiful views and random thoughts while listening to music. Music. Always.

Running on the treadmill of the gym. I didn´t dare to do it before, I´m still wondering why. Too scary. I just walked fast, holding the bar tight with both hands fearing to fall. On the top of that, I now run for 20-30 minutes. I´ve never thought I was actually capable to run that long, even in my healthiest days.

Eating soups. At least 3 times a week. I guess it has something to do with my non existing cooking skills. But I do enjoy it.

Spending hours in the shops... just looking at stuff for the house. Like cushions, paintings, decorative things to make the flat/room look pretty. I´ve never been interested, unless there were retro-vintage-trendy gadgets that instantly caught my eye.

Smiling roughly 90% of the time. If not more. I did like to smile a lot, but I was aware every time I was doing it. Concious of it. But not now. I smile even without realizing that my lips have been curved for long.

Having work meetings in a coffee shop, drinking a capuccino next to the river side. That´s one of the things I like the most in my job, among many others. You can have meetings in the cosy shop just around the corner, a quiet space with chill (but cool) music with the sun coming through the window (when possible).

Going to sleep late. By late I mean later than 10.30pm, when I used to go to bed before. Even though I have more free time since my job allows me to get out at 5pm, time flies for me. And I found out I can certainly handle it, going to sleep at 12 is not a big deal anymore.

That´s all for now. I could still go on, but let´s keep it short and simple for now. People tend to overcomplicate things. Me included.