martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

What living abroad taught me

That no matter how far you've been brought up from others, you're more similar that you could've ever imagined.
Fun, friendship and caring are universal words.
That you can find awesome people from all over the world, and you surely will.
That living in a foreigner country binds people who are under the same situation. And these kind of ties are amazing.

That Iceland has a different meaning in english. 
That swedish people mix meatballs with jam, and that's quite delightful.
That Czech Republic belongs to Europe though it doesn't seem so ;)
That they have in switzerland not only the most delicious cheese fondues but also the most stylish people.
That 'hakuna matata' is real african language, and 'pole sana' means 'very sorry' in swahili. Or something like that.
That there are danish people living in Tanzania and some of them play guitar really well.
That some german hairdressers might need a horse sometimes.
That icelandic language is as hard as it sounds and you will never be able to get it as long as you're spanish.
That meeting for coffee feels better than partying sometimes.
That there are loads of diferent family types, and they work perfectly together.
That men dressed with skirts can be hot.
That french crepes have nothing to do with crepes from any other country.
That mum can act like a party animal and still be the most perfect mum ever.
That dad can work too much sometimes, but he'll always have a smile on for everyone he come across with.
That you can explain to the little ones the worst things that could come to us, they'd understand.
That kids are adorable, no matter what they do. You just love them with your whole heart.

That even though you've spent all your life immerse in your own culture thinking the others would be rather aliens, you all laugh at the same jokes. 
That you feel confortable like never before, that even though you're not in your country, or surrounded by your family, or hanging out with your old mates, you simply feel at home. 

Thanks to Lara, Ylfa, Renata, Johanna, Carina, Johan, Matthias, Jonas, Raphael, P'trissia, Bea, and of course my kids and my host mum and dad. I miss you all.

Just a little part of the guys

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