martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

Things not to take for granted

There are a bunch of daily reasons to be thankful for that we tend to forget. They might differ from every individual, but I meant to take my chance to write down my own. They are merely a couple, essential though.

1-, You are close to your loved ones. You have always been emotionally speaking, but now, after knowing how hard it is to be away, you are lucky enough to get to see them every day, maximum every week. You don´t have to book a flight to enjoy a lunch with your family, an evening with your best friends, a birthday with your nephews. Because you live in the same city, and nowadays, this is a huge miracle to be thankful for.

2-. You live in the city you want to live. Related to the last point, you are where you are because you want to. Not because you are due by the economic situation, or by any other reason beyond your control. You are where you really want to be. You can complain about the traffic, the cold winters or the slow bureaucracy, but always remember how much you missed all that whilst you were away.

I´m lucky to be in Madrid. Even though just the thought of politicians make me cringe. Despite the crisis. I could go on on this point, but I won´t. I live in Madrid now, where even in winter the city is bright. Where people are chatty and funny regardless the place. Where avenues are wide and beautiful, and bars display their terraces even in November. Where the food is the kind I like, Spanish cuisine is top for me and will always be. 
I´m lucky to be finally surrounded by my loved ones. I can see my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my nephews, my friends, whenever I want.
I live with my boyfriend. I share with him my days. Despite being from different countries and have met in a third one, we never went through the long-distance phase.  After London, we now live in Madrid. And I couldn´t be happier.

This all might sound silly. Cheesy, corny stuff (which I´m a fan of, I´m well aware). But this, together with all the little moments shared within this frame (“who” and “where”) it is happiness for me. The rest will come along. 

I just thought I´d write it down. In case I ever forget, too busy with the daily routine.

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