lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Spotted: the smartest girls befriending in the toilets

More than a few times the night brings the greatest (just saying) quotes. One of them was born last friday night, when a bunch of "it" girls were making up their faces  in front of the mirror, with the clever discussion it usually entails. I was just a witness, a lucky witness to be honest. I went there with a friend (you're not allowed to go in unless you go with a partner, at least that's how the women's toilets work), and I was about to do the same making up process when I focused on the talk. 

So impressive. I stood up staring at the 5 girls gathered in the toilet's hall with the poshest accent ever. I wondered for a moment if it wasn't just a dream. Then one of them decided it was time to finish the meeting, saying out loud (so kind with all the bystanders) the final conclusion: 
"I truly LOVE the friendships made in the toilets. They always last forever!"

Genius like these don't just happen, they're made. By parents more wicked than their offspring. 
Lady Madriz here, your one and only source into the scandalous lifes of Madriz's elite. Til death do us part.

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