lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Closing time

It was on wednesday. The same day my workmate Carlos left. I was sad.
I said goodbye to him and to my job as well. Just for a few days.
The same day my Danish-african-scottish friend Jonas was coming.  I was happy.
We went to Málaga. Beach, cosmopolitans, walks, champagne and music, all these things girls love. 
Palm trees, all these things that mean holidays.
We met Patricia there, my Spanish-scottish friend. Just for a few hours. 
I said goodbye to her and her boyfriend, and we headed to the beach.
As long as you have the sea close by, everything’s fine. You can have a swim and then lie on the sand. Feeling the sun all over your face. All over your body. Like a fresh new start.

Peaceful. Charging, please do not disconnect.

It was today. The same day my old friend Jonas left. I said goodbye to him, I don’t know for how long.
Sadness came again. As I was going to bed, I got a call from my childhood friend David.
He’s going to spend the whole year in Portugal, he’s leaving on Wednesday. He asked me to meet tomorrow. 
I’ll say goodbye to him and to my holidays as well. I don’t know for how long.

It seems I have a new forced habit. Collecting farewells in record time.  
Some questions are running through my head.

When are all the "hellos" coming?
Are they even coming?

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